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Summer Exhibition

“Summer Exhibition” is a new exposition of the In artibus Foundation, presenting more than sixty paintings and graphic works from private collections, united by one versatile theme of summer. It includes works by more than twenty Russian authors of different generations and different degrees of fame: from Ilya Mashkov and Tatyana Mavrina, Konstantin Istomin and Leonid Kazenin, Olga Yanovskaya and Ekaterina Zernova, Alexander Vedernikov and Vyacheslav Pakulin, to now living artists whose personal exhibitions were held in the In artibus Foundation in recent years.

The theme of summer attracts the organizers of the exhibition with its internal neutrality, and the opportunity to demonstrate almost all the plastic themes, distinctive for classical painting, as well as purely artistic qualities of artworks. The exposition consists of what is meant by the name: green landscapes, bouquets, still lifes, illuminated by the summer sun, and female portraits, emphasizing the exclusively summer state of the model, the artist, and the organizers of the exhibition themselves.

17 April 2024 — 30 June 2024
The latest spring exhibition at In artibus Foundation presents 120 works by Moscow painter Boris Kasatkin. For the artist, who was born in 1944, this is an anniversary year.
21 December 2023 — 24 March 2024
Francis Haskell was a major British art historian of the 20th century, a specialist largely thanks to whom the discipline developed links to social history and a pioneer of the study of artistic taste and the relationship between patrons and artists.
14 October 2023 — 12 November 2023
This exhibition is dedicated to Dmitri Vladimirovich Sarabianov, the leading Russian art history, scholar, critic and teacher and specialist in the history of Russian art of the 19th and 20th centuries.