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India. Reflections

In artibus Foundation presents an exhibition of Indian contemporary art and fabrics from the collection of collectors Ekaterina and Andrey Terebenin.

Ekaterina and Andrey Terebenin spent seven years in India. During this time, they have compiled an extensive collection of contemporary Indian art and objects of Indian culture. The collection turned out to be at the junction of modern art and traditional hand weaving. In fact, the contradiction in this combination is only apparent: the cultural traditions of India are so strong that they are able to nourish various types and forms of creative activity, specifically reflected in specific works.

India is a powerful civilization with four thousand years of history and a modern country in continuous development. The combination of social and religious traditions, responses to global challenges, practices of solving problems of economic development and transformation has created a unique symbiosis of modern Indian culture,” the collectors say.

This exhibition is a research that gives the viewer the opportunity to get acquainted with a very special civilization in which there is no contradiction between the past and the present, where artistic techniques, styles and epochs do not so much replace as complement each other. The integrity of this process helps the eye, which is not accustomed to the perception of another reality, to build imaginary chaos into a single line. The search for such a unity in Indian diversity is the theme of this exhibition.

“India. Reflections” in the In artibus foundation offers to see the works of Indian artists of different styles and get aesthetic pleasure from millennial techniques that have miraculously survived and continue to develop to this day.

The halls of the foundation feature works by famous and experienced artists (V.Ramesh, Atul Dodiya), young, but already very popular (Anindita Bhattacharya), internationally recognized (Gauri Gill, Reena Kallat) and just those whose work resonated with collectors.

The exhibition is curated by Indian art historian Tunti Chauhan, whose Threshold Gallery of Contemporary Art in Delhi celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

The design of the exhibition was made by Konstantin Larin.

17 April 2024 — 30 June 2024
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