Seurat. Master of pointillism

  • Seurat. Master of pointillism
    L'Hospice et le phare de Honfleur. 1886. Oil on panel, 15,8×25
  • Seurat. Master of pointillism
    Au bord du village. Painted circa 1882-83. Oil on cradled panel, 15,9×24,8
  • Seurat. Master of pointillism
    Ouvriers enfonçant des pieux. Painted circa 1882. Oil on panel, 15,2×24,8
  • Seurat. Master of pointillism
    Georges Seurat Paysanne les mains au sol. 1882. Crayon Conté on paper, 23,5×16,5

For the first time, the museum is showing the important and popular paintings by Georges Seurat (Paris 1859-Paris 1891) from its own collection, such as Le Chahut and the harbour views of the French Channel coast, in a broader context within the artist’s oeuvre and from a perspective that has never previously been examined in an exhibition: that of French symbolism. The views of Seurat’s symbolist contemporaries serve as the basis for the interpretation of the development and meaning of his work.

Seurat died at the early age of 31 and made some 50 paintings during his short career. The exhibition includes 23 of his paintings and 24 drawings. The 40 works on loan from museums and private collectors from all over the world make this the first time that Seurat’s painting and drawing oeuvre has been exhibited on such a large scale in the Netherlands. Even Le Cirque, the last work that Seurat painted, is coming to Otterlo. This masterpiece from the collection of Musée d’Orsay is loaned out very rarely.

To accompany Seurat. Master of pointillism, the museum is organizing an extensive side-programme for young and old, with (dance) workshops, concerts, theatre performances and artists in residence.

From 23 May until 7 September 2014,
The Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo

The Kröller-Müller Museum