Collector’s Dreams. Maxim Boxer’s Wish List | In artibus Foundation

Collector’s Dreams. Maxim Boxer’s Wish List

Curators: Maxim Boxer and Vladislav Efimov
Author of the idea: Anton Belov

Wish List is an exhibition-project, a total installation of paintings, works on paper, applied arts from different eras and different countries, based on works from the collection of Moscow collector Maxim Boxer. Fascinated by various trends in art, he turns out to be the dreamer who invites the audience to plunge into the mysterious labyrinth and try to understand the themes and types of old and modern collections together.

«Collector’s Dreams. Maxim Boxer’s Wish List» is not just an occasion to show first-class, rarely exhibited works of Russian and Western European paintings, works on paper, and applied arts from private collections. This is an invitation for collectors, accomplished and beginners, artists, art lovers and those who only dream of starting a collection, to communicate, get closer to the eternal theme of collecting, of connoisseurship and of making their own wish list,” says Maxim Boxer.

22 March 2023 — 04 June 2023
From 22 March to 4 June, In artibus Foundation will show From Coast to Coast, an exhibition of Tatyana Mavrina’s drawings. It includes more than 150 works from ten Moscow collections.
16 November 2022 — 12 March 2023
In artibus Foundation presents an exhibition of Indian contemporary art and fabrics from the collection of collectors Ekaterina and Andrey Terebenin.
15 September 2022 — 30 October 2022
The first exhibition of the season at the In artibus foundation is dedicated to Vladimir Weisberg's graphics. This is the third exhibition of the artist in the space of the foundation. The other two, in 2014 and in 2018, represented mainly the master's paintings and were held jointly with state museums (the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and a number of regional ones). This time, the exhibition includes forty drawings by Weisberg from different years – from the 1960s to the 1980s, as well as several classic watercolors by the master from the collection of the Moscow collector Inna Bazhenova.