From bozzetto to capriccio. Italian graphics of the XVI–XVIII centuries from the collection of Inna Bazhenova | In artibus Foundation

From bozzetto to capriccio. Italian graphics of the XVI–XVIII centuries from the collection of Inna Bazhenova

At the exhibition “From bozzetto to capriccio. Italian graphics from the collection of Inna Bazhenova”, held in the In artibus Foundation, presents about 30 drawings by Northern Italian painters and draftsmen of the XVI-XVIII centuries. The traditional display of the Inna Bazhenova’s art collection this time introduces the public to one of the most refined sections of the collection — the graphics of old masters. Among the works selected for the exhibition, visitors will be able to see wonderful examples of the work of Francesco Parmigianino, Domenico Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese, Luca Cambiaso, Salvator Rosa, the Caracci brothers, the famous father and son of Tiepolo, who have never been exhibited in Russia before.

Created as sketches of future paintings and frescoes, as anatomical studies or independent whimsical fantasies-capriccio, they do not pretend to be an all-encompassing picture of the development of three centuries of virtuoso and brilliant Northern Italian graphics. But the sketches of the famous Venetian landscape painter Francesco Guardi, presented next to his picturesque compositions, will allow you to think about why at one time drawings with architectural “vedutes” were valued almost more than paintings, and the selection of works itself will show a lively look at the Italian drawing of a modern collector, personifying the “aesthetic whim” and “capriccio” of the 21st century.

17 April 2024 — 30 June 2024
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