Archive of N. Khardzhiev. Russian avant-garde: materials and documents from RGALI collection
Anthology of 20th Century Art History series

The In artibus Foundation and the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art have prepared and published the first of the three planned volumes of the “Khardzhiev’s Archive”. This unique edition presents readers with a corpus of rare documents related to the art of the Russian avant-garde. Almost all of them are published for the first time and belong to the legendary collector Nikolai Khardzhiev, whose legacy, at last, after long troubles, united in the walls of the RGALI and open to researchers, is an extremely valuable part of the history of Russian culture of the early 20th century.

The first volume includes articles, working theses and rough notes by Kazimir Malevich and El Lisitsky; letters from Nina Kogan to Peter Miturich, Malevich, Vera Khlebnikova and other addressees; the diary of Mikhail Mityushin; a 1920s article by Aleksei Gan, which was written specifically for the solo exhibition of Malevich in 1920, and has been known only by references in some critical articles, as well as large number of other archive documents.

The three-volume “Khardzhiev’s Archive” is published in the “Anthology of 20th Century Art History” series, which is part of the In artibus Foundation publishing program. Editorial board of the book includes curators of the exhibition Anna Korndorf and Ekaterina Bobrinskaya, as well as Nikolai Molok and Elena Rudenko. The book is compiled by Alexander Parnis. Science editor: Andrei Sarabyanov.

The second volume is scheduled for publication in January 2018, and the third volume in 2019.

Viktor Razgulin
Evgeny Oks