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I am from Krasina Street
Lidia Sooster

Lidia Sooster took five years to write her book– from 1996 thru 2001. It is a collection of memories which, through its strength, detail, descriptions of the times, names, similar timeframe, and many other factors may be compared with the well-known “Interlinear Translation” by Lilianna Lungina.
Ülo Sooster (1924-1970) was a painter and graphic artist. He was arrested in 1948 in Tartu (Estonia) along with a group of artists who were supposedly planning to flee across the border. He was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment and was held at the Karagandinky camp. After he was set free in 1956, he lived in Moscow and was one of the leaders of underground art.

Introductory article: Irina Uvarova. Afterword: Boris Zhutovsky.

24 pages with reproduced works by Ülo Sooster and Lidia Sooster. Around 500 documentary photographs.