Painting of Boris Kasatkin in the Collection of Inna Bazhenova
Elena Rudenko, Elena Khlopina

In the Moscow collector Inna Bazhenova’s collection, Boris Kasatkin’s paintings play a conspicuous role. That she became familiar with the Muscovite artist’s (and student of Vladimir Veisberg’s) works was only logical; his art naturally continues the tradition of European Colorism, enriching it with his own experience. The modern painter’s works, existing freely as they do in the context of worldwide painting, on equal grounds, and free from postmodern affectations, entered seamlessly into her collection. It is difficult to re-evaluate another reincarnation of the artist’s personality. Kastakin, who by his own admission “exchanged life for art,” studying painting with intensity for around half a century now, has become by now one of its truly unique experts.

The first part of the publication features Kasatkin’s works from Inna Bazhenova’s collection, along with a detailed interview with the artist. The second part is organized chronologically, with reproductions of the artist’s works by period and an analytical analysis by fine art expert Elena Khlopina.

Viktor Razgulin
Evgeny Oks